B&X Motors Testimonials

I can't even express how HAPPY I am! I love the car! You were super easy to work with- I really appreciate it



I just bought a great used car from B & X Motors at a very fair price. There was no high pressure or dishonest dealing. On the contrary, Chris the salesman was helpful, patient and considerate. My husband was out of town on business and I was transacting this with his long distance input... not easily done. But Chris was very willing to "go the extra mile" in helping. --Sandra M

Sandra M.


I bought a 2006 Mini Cooper S from B & X Motors back in September of 2009. The car was technically "previously owned" but it was in such perfect shape that when I brought it home everyone who saw it didn't believe it. It came with a TON of extras (H&K speakers, Pan. roof, etc.) and Chris, the dealer, was extremely helpful and just as nice as could be. It took me quite a while to procure my auto loan but he was very patient and did absolutely as much as he could to guide me through the process. I have had no problems with my car at all and to top it all off I got it for an amazing price! I am so happy with the quality of B & X Motors that I will definitely be returning here for my next car (which won't be for quite a few years because my Mini is AWESOME!) Highly Recommend!

Lelani U.

2006 Mini Cooper S

I spent approximately 3 months searching for a clean, low milage, well maintained 750LI. I visisted at least five "boutique dealers" and three different BMW dealers. The price at the BMW dealers was much higher than the "boutique dealers" but my instincts and experience as former prosecutor made me leery of most of the "boutigue dealers." That was until I dealt with Chris and Paul at B & X Motors. They were both very professional, open and honest about what they did and did not know about the car in which I showed interest. I purchased from B & X Motors the most beautiful 745LI, which was a year older than I originally planned to purchase, due to its exquisite condition. I felt so comfortable with them, I did something that is out side of my norm. I purchased the car without having a mechanic give it the okay, and declined the insurance which would have allowed me to return it, without any questions. A testament to just how well they take care of their customers became very apparent to me approximately two weeks after I purchased the car. When I purchased the car, Chris told me, he was not certain what happened to the manual. I told him it was okay, I was happy with the car. To my surprise and delight, approximately two weeks after I purchased the car, Chris contacted me to let me know, he found the manual and would hold it for me. My son turns 16 next year, I have already told him to keep an eye on their site for a car. In short, I highly recommend this business and applaud their professionalism in an industry, I found that to be in short supply. Thank you, Paul and Chris P.S. When I eventually took the car to BMW for a service, the BMW dealer gave it a clean bill of health. The service light was for an item covered by BMW for recall. NO COST TO ME!

Kevin Y.

2010 BMW 750iL

Not enough words to thank Paul, Who made my wife's birthday so special. I called him 2 weeks ago and ask for Lexus RX450h in stock for my wife and told him it is a surprise for her. He tried his best and found me one we wanted with no haggling on the price. Actually he gave me the best deal I could found out there. He called me day before her birthday to sign all the paperwork and decorated the car with a big bow and told me to bring her in on her birthday to pick up the car. My wife was very happy to see her dream car on her special day. Paul even volunteer to drop my other car home, so we can ride in the new car for her birthday. What a classy young man he is. I will be buying my next car from him from now on. Once again thank you for all you did to make her happier on her birthday.

Sanjay Behal

Clayton, CA
2011 Lexus RX450H

Just spent time with Paul at B & X Motors in Walnut Creek, didn't buy a vehicle because he pointed out a way for me to get my current vehicle back on the road (out of salvage) and save myself a lot of money. He didn't make a dime with me today and he treated me like his best customer. Dude wouldn't even take a tip. This is a solid guy that you can trust. --Matt C, Lafayette ca.

Matt C

Lafayette, ca

My experience with B&X Motors has been nothing short of excellent. I have purchased several great cars from Paul and I have also referred my friends and family to B&X Motors. By far the best customer service around! It's always very easy and straight forward. If you are looking for a great car look no further, B&X Motors is the best little dealership around.

Michelle M.

Concord, CA
2010 Mercedes Benz CLK